On Board x Thalys

On Board x Thalys

designed in Utrecht, Netherlands for


Thalys has a clear vision on rail traffic in Europe paired with an ambition: stimulating exchanges via direct international rail connections that are both fast and easy.

Thalys was launched in the early nineties. From the outset it was developed to the scale of its 4 countries: Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Traveling with Thalys is much faster and more comfortable than traveling by car or plane


For this project I had to design a corporate magazine for train ride Amsterdam – Paris and back.

  • Customer service
  • Inspiration and information
  • Brand awareness

target audience

50% leisure travelers

35% business travelers

15% work commuters

age 30-64.

average / high income

style & design

Thalys pays great attention to its look and style of their brand.

Although the official Thalys logo is used the company’s official style guide is not considered (as required for the assignment).
Instead, an original style and design is presented.



december 2017