The Pirate

The Pirate

designed in Utrecht, Netherlands for


The Fixed Gear Shop is an e-commerce start-up from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The company was founded in August 2014, inspired by the idea that everyone should ride an awesome bicycle.

In 2017, as part of my internship in Graphic Design, I designed a t-shirt that would represent the spirit of the company.

The Pirate

Fixed gear bikes are characterized by their simplicity. Often, they only have a front break (if lucky).

In fact, coming to a complete stop represents a considerable effort and this is why expert drivers tend to avoid it by finding the best possible alternative routes.

Not always the manouvers are considered legit by pedestrians and car drivers. Hence, comparing a fixie enthusiast to a pirate happens more often than expected…

“The Pirate” t-shirt wants to recall these elements and help its owner identify as part of the “fixie club”.

Fixed gear bikes represent the superior form of travel

lines & colors

The simplicity of the bicycle is represented in the t-shirt.

Only simple lines represent a skull wearing a typical bike head where the initials of the brand find their place: TFGS.

Only two colors, black and white, these two elements represent the polarization in the movement, either you bike or break, there is no half way.

december 2017