Towards SWITCH City

Towards SWITCH City

designed in Bonn, Germany for


Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is the wholesale division for Deutsche Telekom, the European leader in telecommunications.

As part of my internship first and then it became my graduation thesis, I supported the internal communication of a massive digital organizational change which saw the integration of more tools into a custom-designed platform.

A story was designed to accompany the various departments facing future and possible obstacles and challenges.

Don’t panic! I know a place called SWITCH City.


For this project I designed a fictional map, a series of characters and the first episode in the form of comics.


The purpose of having a map is to create the environment where each episode takes place.

The group will travel from a safe and peaceful location through unexpected and unknown places. Such areas represent the unexpected hurdles and challenges faced when going through a change.

For each new episode stickers are provided so to allow to pin on the map the starting and current location during the travel.

As in the first episode elements like “the winds of change” and “SWITCH City” are introduced, representing stickers are provided.


Six charatcers are created to represent different personalities.

Such characters behave in different ways depending on the situation. Such differentiation is very important when it is expected to plan a change.

The Agiler, acts like a guide through the journey. His expertise is what the group needs to reach SWITCH City in the shortest and most optimal way.


In order to present this story, and due to other constraints, it has been chosen to create a series of comics.

Comics are the perfect means to use fictional environments and characters while keeping the story short and focused on key messages.

To share such format also on digital devices, it has been created an animated version.

This allows to use internal platforms such as intranet, emails, and chats to share the story also among people not present in a physical building but still relevant for the project.

december 2018